Wow, I haven;t updated this in a while. First off because I’m ashamed and let myself down. The last few months have been pretty harsh for me dealing with an insane amount of school work load, family troubles, trying to keep up with eating balanced, exercising, starting lacrosse season soon, etc. but I have break off from school this week and am taking the time to get back on track, relax, and catch up with my school work. 

I have gained a lot of weight but I’m trying not to think bad about it and look at the positive! I have gotten a lot better at running these past few months. I rejoined kickboxing and it’s the best thing ever. :) I’m also really excited because lacrosse season is starting in March. We have been having preseason for the past 2 months of running and conditioning and even thought I’m not as fast as some of my team, I have pretty good endurance. :) 

The next few months are going to be hectic with lacrosse season, taking the SATs, APs, looking at colleges and everything college related, volunteering, etc but hopefully I’ll make it through. 

*Rant End* Thank you to whoever read this haha <3

Breakfast consisting of a blueberry Greek yogurt smoothie followed by a killer run. Starting the year off right :)


December Goals

-don’t bite my nails
-Don’t chew gum/max one piece a day. (Very bad habit of mine)
-exercise 5/6 times a week giving myself breaks as needed.
-eat 80% healthy.
-pass 1st set of lacrosse tryouts eep it’s this Wednesday!
-run a 5k in under 30 minutes
-enjoy my birthday and all the other holidays coming up :)
-pick up my biology and history grade lol the hardest goal

If any of you guys would like to be my friend so we could motivate each other that’d be great lol :(

 Cmon guys I’m not that scary